Four Brothers in Gray


Four Brothers in Gray tells the story of Confederate soldiers Andy, Harrison, Calvin and Alfred Proffit. In addition to the narrative by Mary Alice Hancock, transcriptions of 100+ of the brothers' letters, which inspired Ms. Hancock, are included.

Includes contemporary photographs, drawings, illustrations and period maps obtained from the National Archives, the Library of Congress, Virginia Military Institute, Harpers Pictorial History and many other resources.

Also included is family information, describing the relationships of the brothers, their cousins and in-laws, who are frequently mentioned.

Get the story behind the book:
Read one of the letters: William Harrison Proffit's Letter Home From 1863
Learn about the release of the new edition: Four Brothers in Gray Available Now
Controversy during research: Civil War Mystery from an Area History?

Crown Quarto Size (7.444" x 9.681")
Softcover 320pgs
ISBN 978-0-9882647-2-4
Star Route Books reprinted the book with permission from Wilkes Community College (who has copyrights to the 1975 work by Mary Alice Hancock.)

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