The Anteater That Couldn’t Eat Ants


by Calli Brielle McIntyre

Calli Brielle McIntyre advocates for children suffering from food allergies and victims of bullying. Through her personal experiences of being bullied because of her food allergies, Calli created her personal platform in 2009 to bring awareness to the growing number of children with food allergies. About one third of children with food allergies report that they have been bullied specifically because of their allergies. Calli has hosted several Be a PAL: Protect A Life events to educate students and teachers on how to recognize anaphylaxis and how to keep peers safe. In 2014 she hosted her first Teal Pumpkin Project to provide allergy safe treats at Halloween. Calli was featured in a FARE publication (formerly FAAN) because of her advocacy work. During Calli’s reign as Miss NC Junior High school, she traveled and promoted B.R.A.V.E (Building Respect and Values For Everyone), the official platform of the Miss High School America Organization.  She has reached over two thousand preschool and elementary students with empowering steps to put an end to bullying. Calli believes that the earlier you equip children with the proper tools to defeat a bully, the more successful they will be in their teen years. Copies of The Anteater That Couldn’t Eat Ants will be donated to school libraries through Crowning Purpose, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, that Calli founded in 2015.  Proceeds from her book sales will go to food allergy research and anti-bullying education. Calli is currently working with her local state representatives to get North Carolina House Bill 520 passed that would require restaurants in North Carolina to complete training on food allergies.

ISBN 978-0-9882647-4-8
22 pages
7" x 9" Softcover
color interior, color cover

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