The Zinnia Tales


182 pages, soft cover, 5" x 8"

Filled with stories that celebrate what it means to be an "Appalachian woman," The Zinnia Tales strike a note with anyone who has ever called the mountains home, or just wishes she lives there. The Zinnia Tales is a collection of fictional stories about strong and determined Appalachian women. You will delight in the warmth of these stories, which demonstrate the richness of the place where these women live their lives and tell their stories. Stories about women by women, this rich group of works truly exemplifies the Mountain Girl Press mission statement: Stories that celebrate the wit, humor and strength of Appalachian women.

Contributing authors are:
Kori E. Frazier
Lisa Hall
Susan Noe Harmon
Susanna Holstein
Pam Keaton
Jennifer Mullins
Tricia Scott
Tammy Robinson Smith
Mary McMillan Terry
Donna Akers Warmuth
Rebecca Lee Williams
P.J. Wilson
Tammy Wilson

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